365 English Activity- For children(6+ years)

A child’s brain is a fast learner, always knowledge from his immediate surroundings. When a child is engaged in an activity that is brain-stimulating and fun at the same time, it results in an overall cognitive and psychological development.

Dreamland has published a complete series of activity books for kids of all levels in subjects of English, math and science. This book covers exciting activities in English and is intended for kids of ages six and above. Complete with lots of colourful illustrations and challenging yet easily understood exercises for children, this activity book can be engaging and fun for the child.

The book has 365 activities to develop Basic English skills which include grammar and vocabulary. With word puzzles, word search games, jumbled alphabets and more, the book can help in developing the child’s basics as well as motor skills by providing an entertaining mode of learning. The puzzles and challenges can keep the child busy for hours and hence build focus.

About the Author

A recognised publication house for children books and literature, Dreamland Publication is based in Delhi and consistently has been publishing many learning books for children.