AK Store Toys Funny Key-Operated Cute Doreamon and Elephant Drummer Toy with Drumming and Dancing Action for Kids,Plastic (Multi color, Pack of 2)

These Doreamon and Elephant Drummer Toys play Drum when windup and also move their body. See your Child Laugh & have fun around this toy for hours together. Also Make a Nice Display piece. Very Good Quality Built Best for keeping your child busy all day. It improves cognitive skills, improves memory and listening skills. Studies shows that babies or toddlers exposed to music are more in advanced in learning and logical thinking skills.
Clockwork clockwise rotation, do not screw too tight, so as not to damage the internal structure.
You can amuse your children, pets and yourself in different ways! no battery required.
Helps your kid to identify the sound and eye coordination
Made of good quality built and durable. Best for keeping your child busy all day. Best Birthday gift to children’s and kids.