Amazon Brand – Jam & Honey Battle Blaster Toy Guns, Orange, with Soft Foam Bullets

Engage the kids in shooting targets, relive your favourite shooting scenes at home or create your own story based fun filled shooting activity for the whole family with the exciting new range of Toy Guns from Jam and Honey. Comprehensively tested for performance and safety, the Battle Blaster toy guns are easy to operate and feature a child friendly pull-back trigger firing action. Load the guns with the safe to use soft foam bullets, pull the lever back, press the trigger and fire for a playful evening filled with laughter and some serious action. The gun is made from high quality plastic for enhanced durability and meets ISI 9873 standards for safety. Choose the best for your child and for your pocket with the Jam and Honey Kids range from Amazon.
Features an easy to operate pull-back trigger firing action; ideal for kids aged 6+
Made from high quality materials for enhanced durability
Meets ISI 9873 Safety standards; product tested in NABL accredited lab on 72 different parameters of safety and performance
Verified sourcing from a SEDEX Audited factory known for consistent product quality and safety
Can also be used with the whole family especially when playing head to head
Package Contents: Manual shooter toy gun, 4 soft foam bullets