Amazon Brand – Jam & Honey Huggable Doll, Light Pink, 50cms

Just like you shower your child with extra love, care, and attention, make their playtime more exciting with Jam & Honey’s adorable and huggable plush doll. Fabricated in a vibrant pink hue, this Huggable Plush Doll makes a cute addition to their play collection and also a snuggly companion while sleeping. The plush doll is made from soft fabric, which is gentle against the skin while playing. Put your worries to rest as non-toxic, anti-allergic polyester, and fur fabric is used, which makes it safe to use for the kids. Let your kid throw, punch, or slam the plush doll, as the excellent quality poly-staple and conjugate fiber filling keep the toy’s shape intact without distorting its original form. The nose and eyes are tautly stitched to prevent them from coming loose while playing or being a choking hazard. Designed with great attention to detail, the plush doll is an IS-9873 certified product to ensure safety standards. Just hand washing the doll in warm water makes it look new as ever. Making your kids feel loved with its cuddly form, this pink-colored huggable plush doll also makes a great gifting choice for children.

Endearing and huggable plush doll made with soft fabric
Non-toxic and anti-allergic polyester and fur fabric makes it safe to use
High-quality poly-staple and conjugate fiber filling maintains the shape
Cute design and thorough attention to detail for enhanced appeal
Securely stitched nose and eyes to prevent them from loosening
ISI Mark with IS9873 Testing for safety standard