AMFIN Metallic Balloons for Birthday Decoration,10inch(Golden and Black)-Set of 50pcs

Amfin metallic finish latex balloons are beautiful and fun addition to any party. No party would seem complete without balloons to play around with. Balloons are not just for kids parties, they can be used anywhere anytime and for any occasion you wish to celebrate. Whether it is a party in the office, a Christmas bash, a baby shower, wedding, or a casual party for friends, balloons seem to be an essential of party supplies. Along with buntings, balloons are the most favoured decorations for any occasion. With Amfin party balloons, you can be sure that your party will always be colourful and fun. Amfin is the registered trademark owned by us.
Great for small and large events decoration. Use them for parties, birthdays, weddings, holidays, and special occasions
Blow them up with either your mouth, air balloon pump, or helium
Place your order now: why wait till the last moment. Order your party supplies and balloons well ahead of the party so you are prepared in advance. Why limit yourself to only one order