anujarusiya Happiness Greeting Postcards | Set of 8 | Digitized Print of Watercolor Originals| Size- 9.5cm X 13.5cm | Comes with 8 Postal and 18 Decorative Stamps

If Title have Set of 8 then Description must be same set of value.When was the last time you sent out a postcard Do you remember the joy when you received one It’s easy now to send out that joy to someone, yes, even during times of Corona! HOW This set of postcards comes packed with 8 postage stamps, one each for a postcard. The package also comes with 18 creative stamps, glue them, stick them, write a message, address and tada! Drop it off into a Postb lusions: – 8 Postcards with 8 India post stamps of value
18 decorative stamps
Digital print of watercolor painting in the front and postcard print at back
Perfect for gifting
Can be used as a greeting/ bookmark