Anxious Memi and little Leo: Children’s Book about Anxiety Management.Healthy Way to Help Kids deal with Anxiety and Worries.(Memi life Skills 3)

Did you know that childen’s anxiety could be managed?

Memi is sometimes too worried…

It can be really hard for her to control hot emotions until, one day, dad shows her a simple trick to control her anxiety.

Find out what happens!!!

A funny illustrated book could be a powerful tool to help kids to manage the anxiety and to learn self-regulation skills. Anxiety isn’t always a bad emotion but an important stage of devolpment

The new children’s book series “Memi life Skills” is geared to Children ages 3 11 and perfect for Teachers, Parents and Counselors as Kindergarten and Preschool activity workbook.

Available in Italian and Spanish

Find out the Extra Trick to manage kids anger inside “Angry Memi and Little Leo!!!