APYAcart Presents New Born Baby Soft Velvet Fabric Original Natural Mustard Seeds Pillow, Make in India Rai ka Takiya, Soft Toy Style, Washable, Detachable Mustard Seed Pouch (Blue)

Original natural Mustard Seeds Pillow (Rai Ka Takiya) for Babies Are you always worried about the correct lying posture for your cutie pie. Do you want to prevent your baby from getting a flat head. Do you want your baby to eat well and sleep well. If its a yes, then here we are with something that can help you get what you want for your baby. APYAcart original natural mustard seed pillow for infants is the answer to all your worries. It has natural mustard seeds and not any rubbish filling inside.
A mustard pillow effectively cushions the baby’s head and provides ergonomic support. It’s cushioning effect is perfect for tender skulls and it gently reshapes the head in three to four weeks without adding any stress or pressure Mustard seeds have certain vitamins, minerals, and properties which warm up a baby’s head naturally. If your baby is suffering from the common cold or cough, a mustard pillow will provide them with the much-needed relief. Helps to sooth colic pain babies.
It Adapts to The Baby’s Movement Original Mustard pillows don’t lose their shape easily. In fact, whenever your baby turns their head around, it’ll conform to their movements, be it left and right. This helps to make sure their head shape stays uniform and doesn’t tilt or get too exaggerated on either side.
Prevents Placing Pressure on One Side Another benefit of using mustard pillows is that it doesn’t allow your baby to put pressure on their head when they sleep on their desired side. Sometimes babies have a tendency to tilt or fix their heads in a certain position, which further adds pressure to the neck and skull, thus deforming it. It’s just impossible to stress the bones with a original natural mustard pillow below their head.