AVS Lovable Huggable Skin Friendly Ultra Soft Cute Soft Giant Stuffed Unicorn Toy for Girlfriend, Kids, Gift – Pink and Blue 70 cm

UNICORN – Whether the gift is for your loved one or your little one, you can never go wrong with soft toys. Cuteness is something that best describes a soft toy, and is liked by people of all ages. Cuddle it, play with it, and take it with you everywhere. Soft toys can be gifted on any occasion and can even be used for home décor purposes.
GIVE AS A PRESENT – These toys are one of the most popular soft toys that everyone loves, irrespective of the age group. These cutesy toys are not only adorable to look at but also make for great cuddle buddies. If you are planning to surprise a loved one with a cute gift, these toys are the best way to do so. And in case you are looking for some really nice options, we have you covered.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS – These toys are extremely soft in nature and are generally light in weight, though the soft toys can vary in size and colors. This soft toy is washable and can have a long shelf life if maintained properly.
SUPER SOFT & VERY PLUSH – These stuffed toys are both durable and incredibly soft to the touch and hug, we did every detail well to make our toys perfect.