B4 Nappi Cream 75gm – No.1 Pediatrician Prescribed Diaper Rash Prevention Cream.

B4 nappi is a barrier cream that forms a thick protective layer on your baby’s nappy area, thereby, protects the skin, relieves the rash discomfort and soothes the sensitive skin suffering from diaper rash
The No. 1 choice of paediatricians and parents, as it provides the most effective protection against diaper rash
B4 Nappi Cream contains 15% zinc oxide that forms a thick white layer that blocks out the faecal matter preventing it from coming in contact with the baby’s sensitive skin, thus preventing any chance of diaper rash
Gentle formulation of calendula oil & allantoin helps keep the baby’s diaper area free of irritation and redness
Also, helps the baby’s skin remain moisturised
Gently apply a thick white layer onto the diaper area, before every diaper change
Protects against faecal irritants, even when there is an unintentional delay in changing the diaper