BKDT Marketing Creative Sand for Kids Activity Toys, Soft Sand Clay Toys for Kids/Boys/Girls – 1 Kg Aprox.

BKDT Marketing Creative gives wings to your child’s imagination. They can think and make their own shapes. it is easy to use and easy to clean. No mess up after play. active sand, active sand blue, active sand clay, active sand kids, baby play sand, blue clay kids, blue sand clay, blue sand kids, canetic sand, carnatic sand kids, clay blue colour, clay kids play, clay sand set, colour sand, colour sand kids dry sand kids, kainetic sand, kanetic sand, kenatic sand, kenetic sand, kenetic sand kids, kenitic sand, kentic sand, kinectic sand, kinetic clay, kinetic clay kids, kinetic clay sand, kinetic sand, kinetic sand 500g, kinetic sand blue, kinetic sand girls, kinetic sand kid, kinetic sand multicolour, kinetic sand slime, kinetic stand, kinetoc sand, kinitic sand, kynetic sand, magic clay sand kids, magic sand kids, magic send, magical sand, magical sand clay, mud clay kids, mud kids, pink sand kids, play sand, play sand kids set, playing mud kids, playing sand girls, playing sand kids, purple sand clay, quick sand, sand, sand clay, sand clay girl, sand clay kid, sand clay slime, sand dough, sand kid, sand kid play, sand magic, sand play dough, sand slime girls, sand slime set, sand tagious set, sand toy kid, sand woah, sandclay, sandclay kids, send clay, slime sand, slime sand kids, wonder active sand, wonder sand clay
BKDT Marketing Creative Sand can be used to make multiple shapes, Its Soft texture leaves no stains and safe for toddlers
They are also useful for craft activities and play. Perfect for party, pretend play, role play, school classroom, holiday toy gifts and more. Note: Mould is not included in Pack.
It should be used only in dry environment and not near water. Wash hand & face properly after use. Keep it away from fire.
Use your imagination to create more shapes, this sand is made up of high-quality material is elegant, smooth, durable and soft to the touch. This kinetic beach sand is non-toxic and easy to clean up.