BKDT Marketing Stacking Rings with Teddy Toy Set for Kids (7 Rings)

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Develop Your Kid’s Concepts of Colours and Shapes, Motor skils, memory building: This multicolour ring consists of Seven coloured rings of different sizes that help in increasing visual development. Its shiny and colourful rings need to be stacked on to a post with the smallest ring appearing at the top and the largest at the bottom of the post.
Ideal for play activity Recommended for infants of 6 months and above seven Multiple colored rings of different sizes Made from completely tested Non-toxic material No sharp edges and sides Intended to develop ideas and concepts of Color, Shape and motor skilsl,
Seven Multi colored rings of different sizes, No sharp edges and sides. Safe for kids to play.
Colourful and Exciting Stacking Toy: Arranging the rings according to their size enhances your baby’s hand-eye coordination. Its colourful rings help him to differentiate between colours. Made from non-toxic material, this toy is a safe choice for your kid. Your baby’s sense of touch is also strengthened.