Blossom Moral Story Book for Kids 3 Years to 8 Years Old in English | 93 Colorful Picture Story Fairy Tales for Reading | Best Bedtime Children Story Book | Short Stories for Girls and Boys | Set of 3

Stories are essential for a child’s development in a multitude of ways. They help your child understand and learn sounds and words of a language. Apart from this, they play an important role in the development of early literacy skills. This thought prompted us to create a new and refreshing combo of ‘Story Books for kids 3 years to 8 years (Combo of 3 books, 93 stories)’

It comprises of the following books:

  1. Blossom Storybook A comprises of 31 fairy tale short stories with colourful pictures and relevant morals along the lines of:
    • Never be greedy
    • Success is only earned through hard work
    • Always be satisfied with what you have

    These morals are conveyed through interesting characters such as a Dog, a Farmer and a Woodcutter. These stories familiarise children with reading and help them to learn some important lessons of life.

  2. Blossom Storybook B consists of 31 stories for an all-round development of children with morals like:
    • Never tell lies
    • Overconfidence is dangerous
    • Always believe in yourself

    The stories are conveyed through some interesting semi-realistic illustrations. The creativity used in them brings out the fun element in them and helps children enjoy the same.

  3. Blossom Storybook C is a compilation of 31 stories which are written in simple language & can be comfortably read by three to five year old children. It is full of stories such as:
    • The talkative turtle
    • The cobra and the ants
    • The brave quail

    Every story is supported by attractive illustrations that have been thoughtfully visualised. Ideal Bedtime Stories for infants, toddlers and babies like Panchatantra Animal tales and classic tales.

We are sure that this combo of Story Books for boys and girls will be thoroughly beneficial. The aim here is to spark every child’s imagination as well as to stimulate their curiosity.

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