BTD Fish Catching Game Big Rotating Musical Fishing Game for Kids

Instantly likable & engaging for hours, this battery-operated fishing game has 21 fish & 4 fish catching rods. Kids love to play this catching the fish game. They will engage with this fish-catching game for hours, especially when multiple players are involved. The sound & light keeps the momentum going. The game board keeps rotating at a steady speed & multiple fish pops up & down. One needs to concentrate & time the catch. The player who catches most number of the fish comes out as a winner. Then refill all the fish & play again. The fish catching was never so much fun, indoors. available color will be pack and dispatch after your conformation – thank you.
fish bord is in circuler movment. Pick fishes of same or different color as per game rule rotating battery operated fish pond.
pick the fish with stick with circuler movement
Beautiful music and lighting effect to entertain kids even further
Ideal for 5-10 years childs. Product Contains : 4 Rods and 21 Fishes.