butterflyfields exploration box for 9, 10, 11 and 12 year old boys and girls, learning and educational gift pack of diy stem toys- Multi color

BUILD & UNDERSTAND – Creative Educational Aid for 10 years – USING OVER 25 HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE COMPONENTS Fun way to build exciting working Models and demonstrate real life applications of Friction, working of brakes in Automobiles, rollers in printers, the difference between pneumatic and hydraulic systems, Ball bearings, use of lubricants to reduce friction and all Higher Order concepts made easy to visualize and learn.
ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: This project is important to help children build confidence and a larger understanding of the basic STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics) skills. With practical implementation and an involving subject, this project is quintessential to the child’s syllabus and also helps nurture a worldlier outlook of their academic subjects!
ALL IN ONE – With Five activities to substantiate and explain the concept of Pascal’s Law, this kit packs the ‘force’ of a punch in terms of knowledge, experiment, and implementation!. Award winning Science Project. ! Birthday Gift pack for 8+ Years Toys Games & Activities for Curious minds | Build Apply Learn | Made in India
Creative Educational Aids for 10 Year Old Boys and Girls – Need readymade science Projects, exhibition Models and learning and teaching materials? Check our readymade Science and Mathematics models, projects and DIY (Do IT yourself) kits.