Caddle & Toes Electronic Bubble Gun / Cool Bubble Making Toy Gun with Lights & 2 Bubble Liquid Bottles | Best Outdoor Toy/Train Bubble Gun

Amazing bubble maker -HOW TO USE: just pull the trigger and fire away. You will shoot out a continuous flow of thousands of bubbles bright. – the nozzle make this bubble gun even more fun! The nozzle area of the bubble gun will brightly light up as you are shooting bubbles. Looks very Amazing and cute cool at night! Your bubble gun also makes cool sound while shooting easy to use – instructions are included on the packaging if needed. Can be used by toddlers, kids, teenagers as well as adults. Recommended age for use is 3+.
Bird Automatic bubble gun can be used by without dipping into bubble solution.
Your Kids would enjoy the bubbles with Colored gun and unique Toy.