Captech Spinning Top with LED Light , Music and Laser Toy with Model Toys Steering Wheel Car Toy Track,Mini Motorcycle Toy Pull Back Diecast Motorcycle Early Model Educational Toys (Random)-Combo

★★★Feature: 100% brand new and high quality. Quantity:1pcs 100% Brand new and high quality A great gift for your baby, your kids will like it very much Stimulates children’s brain development (Logic skills and sensory perceptions) Suitable for ages over 1years ★★★Package Content: 1X BIKE. With Multi Description : This spinning top with led light is gyro activated, so the led lights fitted to it turn on as soon as the top starts spinning. Though it can be played with at any time and any place, for best effects, it should be spun in a dark room. The lights create a magical ambience. There’s accompanying music with the lights in this spinning top for 3 year old kids. So it engages the child in more ways than one. It comes with preinstalled batteries, which are easily replaceable once they drain out. A best gift for you children. Kids will make a lot fun from this amazing gyroscope.
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Best for dark rooms, as the lazer effects will amuse and make your kid child happy
Cool lazer effect with musical theme – gyro activated- means the lights start as soon the top starts spinning
Spinning top in a avatar, with gyro activated lazer light and music with replaceable batteries