Chocozone 12 in 1 Patriot Air Defence Missile Building Blocks Toys for 8 Years Old Boys and Girls ( 549 Pcs) Building Toys

Encourage your children to work together as a team with 549 pcs diy block construction set toy. This amazing model offers realistic details. Build your own vehicle and watch it fly on the course. Use the recoil action to accelerate the track and join the legend of racer cars. Your genius can make vehicle with this amazing block set. Construction toys are always sought after by bright kids who like to assemble their own toys. Giving children the chance to make their own toys has a dual purpose, as it allows them to enjoy their creation and create hours of fun and excitement while building them.
Contains 12 Models in 1 Box. Join the small 12 models to make a big Patriot Air Defence Missile
These toys are perfect for birthday gifts for boys. Recommended Age : Toys for 7 years old boys and girls and above
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Help Your Child Build Social Skills at an early age. Social development, teamwork and collaboration are critical to success in today’s world. Your Child deserves a more productive activity than video games, phones and tablets.Challenge your kids to build