Chocozone Bump and Go High Speed Bullet Train Toys – 3D Lighting and Musical Toys for Kids Toys for 2 Years Old Girls- 38 cm

The Chocozone bump and go electric flash light train entertains by continuously changing directions on smooth surfaces whether it hits your hand, an object or the wall. No more getting up to move your child’s favourite toy from spinning wheels, moving nowhere up against the wall. With every bump, the train just keeps going for hours of fascinating fun, making this toy a hit for both children and adults.
HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Providing long-lasting strength and use, this Beautiful 3D Lightning Electric Train Toy is expertly crafted using durable plastic construction to withstand bumping into walls and endless hours of play.
LIGHT DISPLAY. Equipped with beautiful, flashing lights, this train will deliver a spectrum of multi-colored 3D effects that can be seen on the top and through the windows. Turn off the room lights for a mesmerizing display on the floor and walls!
This fun train is loaded with lights, music and sounds. The colorful flashing LED lights on the top and sides mesmerize little ones. Furthermore, with the music and train sound effects, children will be entertained for hours. The Chocozone Bump & Go Electric Flash Light Train is especially preferred by train lovers, who will squeal with delight as the train sounds head directly toward them.
The Chocozone Bump & Go Electric Flash Light Train is the perfect gift idea for birthdays, holidays and other gift-giving occasions. Both boys and girls ages 2 and up quickly make this train their favorite toy, as little engineers cheerfully race their “high-speed” electric flash light train all over the room. Kids will agree this toy knows what they like.