Chocozone Walkie Talkie with Battery Toys for 5 Years Old Girls Combat Soldier Walkie Talkie Toys for 6 Years Old Boy

It is great for the family camping,because it have the long range and crystal voice, the parents can get touch with the kids all the time when the kids playing anywhere.
Walkie talkie works on the simple physics principle, where we are converting audio signals into radio signals via antenna, later other walkie talkie will decode signals of radio into audio signals, then voice is heard. Build quality and antenna quality determines the quality of voice heard in walkie talkie conversations
Note – High Quality Long Run batteries required for each walkie talkie are included
There are two buttons on each walkie talkie. When you are speaking, always press left side button (which activates the transmitter).operate right side button to either switch on or switch off the unit
Use the button on the right to either switch on or off the walkie talkie, good play time for kids