cocomoco kids tango proverbs – playing cards game of matching proverbs, educational toy and memory game for kids ages 5-12 year old boys and girls- Multi color

🎲 GAMEPLAY: This card game set can be played in multiple ways. 1. Match the two halves of a proverb to complete it. First half of the proverb is written on a red card, the second half of the same proverb is written on a blue card. Pull out a red card from the top of the pile, race to spot its second half spread on the floor 2. Play as a memory game by spreading and folding all cards facing down. Find the matching pairs of proverbs.
🎲 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1-6; AGES: 5-12 years old. CONTENTS: – 50 cards based on 25 English proverbs split into two cards.
🎂 Perfect Return Gifts / Party favours for Kids Birthday Party! A great gift for any boy or girl.
✅ SKILLS – Refines linguistic expression and cognitive skills – Effectuates interpersonal skills through social play – Boosts knowledge. Learning Games help grasp better and remembering information for longer.