COOL MAKER Handcraft Stitch N’ Style Diary, Toys for Girls, 5 Years & Above, Creative, Art & Craft

Magically stitch and customize unique diary covers with the COOL MAKER handcrafted stitch n? style diary kit! This DIY activity kit includes everything you need to create two diary covers, including a unicorn project and a project you can design yourself. With the magic stitching tool, it?s so easy to create trendy cross-stitch inspired designs! Pick a string colour from the four included spools, choose an area to stitch and push the stitching tool into the hole. Pull the string end out the back of the project, pull the stitching tool back out and push it into the next hole. Once you?re finished stitching an area, swap out the string colours and continue until the design is complete. To create your own diary cover, draw your design on the template with a marker and stitch in the areas for a truly one-of-a-kind diary. Peel the stickers and use them to stick your project onto the included diary ? you can even attach it onto your own book or journal! Stitch and customize your diary cover and put the omg in DIY with the COOL MAKER handcrafted stitch n? style diary kit!.
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