Cuweeosity Multiples Learning and Educational STEM Game for Boys and Girls Age 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Years Old for Children to Learn About Maths – Multiplication Tables. Ideal Gift and Toy for Kids

At Cuweeosity, we spent years talking to parents, meeting with teachers, and observing children go about learning their lessons. And we came to the realisation that a key difference between merely learning and mastering any subject or skill is practice. But practice doesn’t come easily to a child. Practice, ie, doing something repeatedly, can be inherently tedious and monotonous – something any child will struggle with. We also realised that, for kids to practice effectively, they must WANT to practice, have someone to practice WITH and not feel BURDENED by practice, i.e, it shouldn’t feel like it is “work”. That is, practice should be motivating, collaborative and playful. So, we devoted countless hours, and boundless energies, developing and perfecting our games and activities so that they integrate all three elements – Motivation, Collaboration and Playfulness – and thus play a role in elevating learning into mastery. Our games are filled with a certain whimsy. They are funny or frenzied or maybe even unexpected. But they are never mundane or tedious. They are designed for shared-play so that the participants can constantly learn from each other. And they leverage children’s natural drive to win, and motivate them to learn much beyond ‘just enough’. They are infinitely re-playable, each time providing invaluable practice of important academic skills. These tangible, hands-on products provide the child endless opportunities to master key skills resulting in learning that beats everyone’s expectations. Buy them for your kids, or as gifts for the extended family. They are wonderful in every respect.
WHAT IS MULTIPLES: Multiples is an unusual game that makes the practice of multiplication tables a wildly energetic and upbeat experience. Every round of this game brings into play the multiplication table of any number between 2 and 12. In quick, wild and frenzied rounds, kids – individually or in teams – square off against each other to be the first to identify and ‘capture’ six multiples of the number called out in that round, and thus win the round and collect the bonus points
ACADEMIC BENEFIT OF THIS GAME: This game is the most fun way to practice the multiplication tables from 2 to 12. This versatile game can be played both by those who have just started learning multiplication tables, as well as much more advanced learners. Since this game can also be played in teams, players learn from each other thereby improving their fluency of the tables.
HOW TO PLAY: At the start of every round, a number tile is picked randomly that reveals a number between 2 and 12. Now all the players, or teams, race against each other, SIMULTANEOUSLY, to identify 6 squares on the board that have multiples of that number on the board, and “capture” those squares by covering them with their coloured tokens. Whoever “captures” 6 squares correctly the fastest is the winner of that round and hence collects bonus points.
LEARNING THROUGH PLAYFULNESS: Practice makes perfect, but traditional multiplication tables practice tools like flash cards and worksheets eventually become ineffective as they tend to be tedious and boring. Multiples Educational maths game is a fast, frenzied and energetic way to practice the tables. It keeps boredom far away, and effectively imparts much-needed practice each time the child plays it.