D.k 11.. Beautiful Doll Set for Girl Kids Toy (Movable Joints Knee, Legs, Arms, Hands, Elbow) (Elegant Doll)

Beautiful princess with a smile on her face, she’s proud of herself and oozing with confidence, that’s our beauty doll in pink shimmery gown dress with pink bag and bunny dog. Made of safe and durable material. Your little girl is sure to enjoy the opportunity to add this special doll to her collection. Features one of your girl’s favorite Princess D A collection of clips and accessories lets them add shape and color.oll. this doll is 3 year + above modelling fashion doll’s look simply by changing her hair.
Fabrics are trendy Made of safe and durable material.
colors are popular doll and accessories fun. makes a perfect gift for curious minds and aspiring fashion
Nice Finishing good quality. Non-toxic Material |
This Doll Is Highly Flexible With Movable Joints (knee, Legs, Arms, Hands And Elbow) | Set Of A Doll And Cute And Fashionable Accessories For Dressing Up The Beautiful Doll