Dabble Non-Toxic Organic Beeswax Crayons in 8 Fun Shapes for Children to Inspire Safe Play and Fun Art time Making it a Perfect Birthday or Return Gift

Product Description

Dabble started because it’s founder moms, Neha and Karen could not find child-friendly, toxin-free products for art and play. So moms being moms they worked with an industry reputed team of scientist and food technologists to develop colour and art products that are largely natural and toxin free. Everything just right, because nothing less will do for our kids.These products are certified safe by a globally recognized Food laboratory in India. And are developed in consultation with art teachers and occupational therapists. So kids can set their imagination on fly-mode and play freely without a care.

Toxin free, Child safe

Dabble crayons are made from a unique formulation which is made from natural waxes and FD&C approved colors. These crayons are toxin-free so that parents can be worry-free and allow free expression in children using colours.

Made with organic bees wax & coconut oil

Dabble crayons are enriched with the goodness of Eco certified Organic Beeswax & Coconut Oil which creates an easy & smooth colouring experience on paper. Also, the safe formulation makes the crayons absolutely safe for toddlers. Regular crayons are made from Paraffin which is a by product of Petroleum.

Fun shapes

Most commercial crayons come in stick shapes. Dabble crayons are designed in unique fun shapes to facilitate tripod grip for pencil writing and inspire story telling. The shapes enable multi dimensional colouring and ease of colouring a whole page in a jiffy!

Long lasting

Regular crayons break very easily due to the nature of paraffin wax. Dabble crayons are sturdy and do not break easily along with a formulation that does not dry the crayons. When the colours rub against each other, they can be cleaned with coconut oil.

8 unique child-grip shapes that inspire multi-dimensional colouring experience and tripod grip for pencil writing
8 long-lasting magical colours, when colours rub against each other can be cleaned with coconut oil
Shapes that won’t break easily, blend easily and colour smoothly