DIJG Plastic Fruit Tractor with Trolly Toy-for Kids for 4 Year Old Boys-Best Quality of Plastic- Multi Color

Farmer tractor with fruits is a very useful vehicle for farmers and it is a push and go toy. It carries huge loads and fruits in its trolley. Kids can play with this tractor model at their home and out side the home. Farmer Friction Powered Tractor Trolley with fruits has highly specialised wheels and trolley attached to it and you can detached the trolley easily as per your need and interest. This tractor trolley is being made by Non-toxic material so that your little kid can play this for unlimited time and it is very safe to use as plastic tractor. It don’t required battery or remote to control it, this can be moved using friction. The recommended age to play this tractor trolley toy multi colour with fruits is 3 years and above. Please note product photo may vary due to light.
DIJG Breno presents friction Farmer tractor trolley with various type of fruits which is based on fully manually operated system
DIJG You just need to simply load the fruits or different things you want in the trolley and take this Farmer tractor to its destination
DIJGThe package of this toy contains one tractor engine in green color with a trolley in green along with two types of apples, a banana etc
DIJG Due to multi color of this tractor trolley toy with real looking fruits, your little junior will start learning of color at early ages and recognize the different type of fruits as well