Diva Enterprise Alloy Made Heavy Duty Wave Board, Two Wheel Skate Board for Boys and for Girls Skating Purpose Flash Colorful Lights on Wheels ( Color & Design May Vary ) with Warranty

DIVA ENTERPRISE Good for healthy, move smoothly and with wheel light, stronger durability Learning to Ride learn the proper movement of your feet, to propel yourself properly: move each hip individually in a twisting motion (similar to the twist) while moving your feet in response to this in an up and down motion. Before even attempting to ride the ground to get used to the feeling of it, so when you actually do ride the board, practice this motion while on the ground so you can execute this very swiftly, and comfortably. If you’re a beginner, have someone stand in front of you (not in front of the board), so you can hold their hands until you find your balance. Place the board on the pavement on a flat surface or slightly downward slope. Make sure you have your protective gear on before stepping on the board. If your left leg is dominant, then that will be you leading leg. If your right is dominant, then your right will be the lead leg. Place your lead leg on the front portion of the board, and slowly push off with the foot that’s still on the ground. Once the board begins slowly to roll, place your back leg on the back portion of the board. Create forward motion by twisting your hips and letting your feet follow. Your front and back feet should be moving in opposite directions as you snake your board. Stop by leaning on either side of the board, (preferably the side you’re facing) and walk forward to absorb the momentum. It’s a product. LED Flash Colourful Lights on Wheels Great exercise and fun for all ages Single frame, Torsion bar, PU wheel with Glowing LED Light · Inclined 360 degree rotating castor trucks made from heavy duty metal.
Lightweight: Take it to skateboard rings, playgrounds, driveways, or any flat surface outdoors. Designed for extreme sports fans, cruiser skateboard for kids, teens, or adults. This board measures 33”x 8” x 9.
Exclusive: Original Waveboard customized with Toyify exclusive skateboard decks. New fresh Poly Gone design and colors. Get the best designed 2-wheeled skateboard deck to highlight while you skate.
Durable Wheels: High performance casters, 78mm smooth wheels / ABEC 7 /PU 88A, Alloy cast torsion bar housing and Bearings with a 360-degree turn, made of cast aluminum that allows grinds and offers greater durability.
Resistant: Built for exciting and rough outdoor playing, it can hold up to 100KG (220LBS). For boys and girls ages 6+. 4 Ply Reinforced Steel torsion bar. Ideal to increase skateboards skills. Improve your body resistance while waveboarding!