E – Royal Shop Mini Market (34 Pieces) Play Toy Set with Light and Sound Effect for Kids (Multicolour)

Supermarket Shop,, with Sound Effects : –

Perfect starter supermarket play set, comes complete with a wide variety of food items, from fruits and veggies to snacks and dessert making a total of 34 items.
About the Product : –
Children love pretend-play. They love to enact different activities like cooking, playing doctor, acting like super-heroes etc. This is a fun to play supermarket shopping set for children.
They can use this set to enact shopping in a supermarket.

Realistic Design : –

This toy set has a counter with shelves for keeping products and a shopping cart.
Many Accessories : –
34 Accessories and Colorful Stickers for Complete Supermarket Shopping Experience. This set comes with lots of accessories like Ice Cream, sweets, food ,etc.

Gifting Option : –

A fun supermarket shopping pretend-play experience, this toy set is a nice addition to your children’s toys and is great for gifting too.
Material : –
Made up of child safe material.
Size : – 38.5 x 37 x 20cm.
Helps in : –
Improving Cognition.
Creates Curiosity.
Mental Development.
Decision Making.
Color Recognition.
Object Identification.
And much more..

fruits, vegetables, dairy products. Fun to Play Toy Supermarket Play Set for Children. Lots of Accessories and Colorful Stickers for Complete
Role play supermarket experience,Encourages imagination and creativity from young age .
Real sound in cash register and card swipe