eHomeKart Swing for Kids – 3-in-1 Wave Adjustable Baby Swing Toy for Indoor and Outdoor – for Boys and Girls of Age 6 Months + (Pink)

USE: This swing will stay with your Child for a long time as It is adjustable, There are three ways you can use this Swing: 1. STAGE 1 – When your child is around 6 Months to 1 Year, you can fix the backrest close to the front support. 2. STAGE 2 – When your child is around 1 Year to 2 Years, you can fix the backrest away from the front support. 3. STAGE 3 – When your child is around 2 years to 4 Years or so, you can remove the backrest completely.
CAN BE USED INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: You can Install these Kids Swings / Jhulla with ropes inside your home or Outside in your Balcony or in your Garden using a fixed hook.
SAFETY BELT: This Hanging Swing for Kids comes with a Safety Belt so that your child is safe while he/she is in their own magical swinging world. The rope for hanging is around 4 feet long.
NOTE: The Indoor / Outdoor Wave Swing for Kids is NON-MUSICAL.