EKIND Electronic Shooting Target Scoring Auto Reset Digital Targets Compatible for Nerf Guns Toys, Ideal Gift Toy for Kids-Boys & Girls (Movable, 3 Targets)

High quality for fun!
Fun game on nerf guns party.
Can be played indoors or outdoors.
Gift designed box, to give for birthday or Christmas gift to kids or friends.

The electronic score target is designed with the Electronic Intelligent Sound&Light effectEffect, Automatic rebound, Fast return and Electronic scoring for the competition.Electric Scoring Target is a good addition to kids’ growing armory.

Description:Material: 100% eco-friendly plastic material

【What’ in the package】
3 × Target Boards
1 × Base
Please note that guns and batteries are NOT included in the package

Insert the Soft bullet into the muzzle, Pull the slide rail, Pull the trigger and fire! For young children, shooting is a fun, rewarding and positive experience. It includes observation and endurance, designed to exercise and improve skills. This is also very interesting especially in the group stage.
Digital scoreboard tracks and displays scores,when you hit 3 targets and it falls down,you will get 1 point,then the strong electrical chance drove all three targets automatic rebound into position after 3 seconds.
Digital target can be used as a personal shooting training to improve the aiming. It can also be competing out with friends and have a competitive game of target scoring.It is a perfect toys for kids!
To be more interesting, we add some realistic sound effects such as gunshots and the sound of broken glass. It is like that you really hit a bottle when you hit down the targets. It creates a realistic atmosphere of gun battles which children find pleasure in. They must will love the toy.