Encyclopedia: Space Encyclopedia

The universe is bigger than you can ever imagine and it is full of fascinating facts that will astound you! This space encyclopaedia is your guide to the infinite wonders of cyberspace. Browse through the pages and know more about galaxies, planets, stars and much, much more!.

From the Publisher


Takes the Child on a Voyage of Discovery

This encyclopedia takes the child on a journey across billions of kilometres in our galaxy, from the Sun to near and distant planets. It ventures into the absolute vastness of the cosmos and helps the kid explore the universe as never before.


Excellent Reference Material

Jam-packed with out-of-this-world facts, pictures of planets, moons and their landscapes, as well as illustrations of space-crafts and landers. Each page is filled with statistics, facts and successful missions and the people behind them; this is a virtual reservoir of information.


An Essential Educational Resource

The book satiates a child’s curiosity and at the same time is a valuable resource for their learning and school projects and assignments.


Easy Comprehension

While the pictures help in visualising the vast universe, lucid writing makes the book easy to comprehend and assimilate.