Famous Quality® 20 Kids Special Entertainment and Teaching Fun English Spelling Test Notebook Laptop Toy for Best Gift (Mouse Included) (Multi-Color)

Important Note how to use an item. Write down the given number same type this 22 Activities and Games

01 learning letter 02 learning words 03 spelling 04 Word guess 05 Missing vowels 06 beginning letters
07 Missing letters 08 scramble 09 correct the word 10 spell the word 11 word compactor 12 addition
13 subtraction 14. Multiplication 15 division 16 Missing sign 17 learning time
18 jukebox/piano 19 clock 20 hit the letter 21 animationary

The number of all these Button lacs to be pressed accordingly.
Esc This key use back. Mouse only kids enjoy.
It is for Kids.
Child-friendly Laptop-In this age of computers, it is best to start early.
This super slim laptop with 22 activities is a good gift for your child because it provides learning with fun.
It is a good way to teach your kids the basic skills of computing before they begin their school life.
Comes with the help of this super slim laptop, children are able to pick up letters and numbers faster and better.
Regular use of the laptop makes way for letter recognition, pronunciation and spellings; it also encourages reading.


Features for children-This children laptop with mouse is appealing because of its in-built LCD screen and unique sound instructions.
You will find your toddler learning words each passing day.
A keypad and a mouse have been provided to make it look just like real laptop.
Operated on batteries, this toy laptop for 2 year olds is portable and can be taken anywhere to keep your little one busy. An educational laptop, it proves to be a great learning aid for children.

Games: catch falling objects. Find the match pair. Star shooting. Draw a picture
Learning numbers: pronunciation and spelling of numbers. Write the numbers. Numbers identification (Visual)
Words: spelling and pronunciation. Spelling test. Identification of pictures. Find the word
Learn alphabets: alphabets recognition and pronunciation. Write capital and small letters. Find the letter, it will speak out the letters- which the child needs to punch in on the key board