Famous Quality Car to Robot Converting Toy for Kids with Bright Lights and Music – Pack of 1, Multi color

Robot to Car Converting Toy for Kids (Color Multi)

The Bgati highly detailed body exactly repeats all the smallest details of both the exterior and the interior ; for best performance and do not mix old and batteries.

Ready to run: all you need to get started are 3 AA batteries for the transmitter powerful motor for speeds of 8-10 km/h on the street; in your backyard and everywhere in between.

Let children learn to control the development of things ; develop children’s space imagination ; the best welcome gifts for the children.
Racing Speed Concept.Car Mode. Robot Mode
Deform Robot Vehicle Car Amazing Deform Robot .
Bump & Go. Racing Speed Concept.Car Mode. Robot Mode .Batteries required
Operates with single ON-OFF switch Better for kids. Recommended for ages 2 years and above