Fete propz Non Toxic DIY Crystal Clay Soft Slime Magic Mud Kit in Assorted Colours Set Toy Gifts for Girls and Boys Kids Above Age 5+ Year Old (Pack of 12

Crystal Clay Soft Slime Transparent Magic Mud Non Toxic | Pack of Assorted Colours

Crystal Clay Slime DIY products are popular which enhances the child’s imagination and planning ability. It also helps to improve hands and brain ability to create happiness. So, let your children play with this slime to create unlimited amount of fun.

Slime is sticky and semi-solid. The slime takes the shape of the container you keep it in, which helps you to make unlimited shapes. The slime sticks together and is fun to hold and does not stick to the hands.

This Slime which looks like jelly is unique as it takes shape of the container it is kept in. This slime is super light with pure color and should not be baked.

A great toy for kids which is rich in colors and helps develop creativity and imagination. Exercise your kid’s coordination and ability with hands, eyes and brain to create hours of fun

This slime is made with purifying water and gelatin, which does not harm your child or his surroundings.

Color: Colors as picture shows
Weight: super light clay
Size: 2.5″ x 1″ (6 x 2.5cm)