Flag Frenzy Card Game for Kids – Flags Flash Cards Learn Geography Educational Toy Birthday Return Gift

Product Description

An international bestseller!

This game is fun for kids and families to play together.

Included in this geography flag game are 49 flag cards, 8 continent cards and a world map with flags marked on it.

Learn the flags of major world countries by being the first to match one flag to another in this fast-paced game.

Each card has eight flags, and every card ALWAYS has one flag in common with every other card.

Be the first to match one flag with another, and you can play your card down on the center pile.

First player to get rid of all their cards wins!

A great travel game, return gift and party favour.

Learning CAN and SHOULD be fun!

CocoMoco Kids makes learning fun through the joy of a toy. Our educational games, DIY activities, and maps for children cover the elementary A.G.E.S areas (Artistic, Growth, Experiential, and Smart) and are powered by our unique K.I.D ideology. We strongly believe that children have a fundamental right to fun! Ideal for home, classroom, and gifting – all our games are wonderful gifts and return gifts! Designed to foster curiosity through the joy of a toy, all our games and activities enhance visual-spatial coordination, critical thinking, and visual perception to hone the child’s insight at a tender age. All this in turn leads to overall development while making sure your child doesn’t miss out on the fun! So now you know what makes a KID – K-knowledge, I-Insight, D-Development! We believe that kids deserve the best toys and games, keeping in mind that fun is an essential part of learning and crucial in early childhood for developing essential skills.

Fun Comes First

Hello Playtime, say no to screen time!

Inspire your kids to learn about the world!


– Boosts general knowledge and creativity

– Improves visual-spatial coordination

– Cultivates interpersonal skills through social play

– Boosts memory

– Rewarding and motivating to boost curiosity –


1. 49 flag cards 2. 8 continent cards 3. Rules 4. World Map with flags marked on it

flag frenzy educational toy geography game card game for kidsflag frenzy educational toy geography game card game for kids

About the Startup

S Malhotra,CoFounder

Priyanka, Co Founder

Describe your products in three words.

Inspirational Creative Educational

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Shelves across toy stores are stacked with same old games that we played as kids. We realised the need for new games for kids, especially today when the digital world is growing and parents are finding ways to restrict digital time spent by their kids. Our love for travel and geography is what inspired us to teach kids about different countries and inspire them to learn geography through games, fun maps and DIY activities. Parents are always on the look out for innovative birthday return gifts and our products fit well over there.

What makes your product special?

Our games are proudly made in India. We emphasize on good design and quality with a global appeal. Our expertise is in educational games, especially games on geography. Our games are not on-your-face learning, they’re fun to play and kids learn subtly as they play.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Creating new content and games is a lot of fun, especially challenging as you have to not only impress the parents but the kids too. It’s been great interacting with parents and kids, watching kids drag their parents into our office sometimes to grab a game. A child pestering a parent to buy our product gives us more joy than the industry award any day. We’ve also showcased our games at the World Toy Fair and received a good response.

🎲 GAMEPLAY: Each card has 8 flags drawn on it. Between any two cards there’s always a matching flag. Be the first one to spot it! Spot the matching flag and collect the pair of cards.
🌎 A GEOGRAPHY GAME to learn about flags! Ages: 5 years and above. We have seen many 4 year olds enjoy this game too! Great Travel Game and a perfect game to play with family and friends of all ages!
✅ INCLUDES: 49 flag cards, 8 continent cards, rules and a world map for kids. SKILLS: Improves Cognitive skills – Rewarding and motivating to boost curiosity – Cultivates interpersonal skills through social play – Enhances critical thinking – Refines gross-motor skills – Improves General Knowledge
🎂 RETURN GIFT / PARTY FAVOUR for birthday parties and play dates! It’s perfect for kids age 5 and up. Throw an Around the World Theme / Travel Theme birthday party and these would be the perfect return gifts for kids.