FLAMIZ Fantastic Jumping Walking Barking & Jumping Puppy Battery Operated Back Flip Jumping Dog With Sound and Music for 0-5 Years Kids Best Gifted Toy – Brown Colour [Premium Edition]

★ FLIP OVER: Puppy can walk, sit, run, turns and also do somersaults in the air. There is an adjustment switch near the tail, which helps the puppy lands properly after jumping and Flipping. This fantastic puppy is a real looking electronic puppy that acts like a real alive puppy by natural walking, barking, jumping and taking a complete Somersault. Complete entertainment for your Kids.
★ MATERIALISTIC FEATURE: Made from soft plush material outside. ABS plastic body inside. It has soft and comfortable touch, no dropping hair, no smell, and with an extremely vivid and cute appearance. Please NOTE – Always play with the Toy in the dry surface. Strictly NO wet surface for this toy.
★ PLEASE NOTE :- IF THE PUPPY DOES NOT STAND ON ITS OWN AFTER TAKING COMPLETE SOMESAULT , PLEASE ADJUST THE TAILS OF THE DOG ACCORDINGLY , THERE ARE ADJUSTMENTS AVAILABLE IN THE PUPPY’S TAIL . This toy uses 2 AA batteries which are not included in the package. Make sure the batteries are in the right position and tighten the battery box cover. Buyer are also requested to Place the batteries with care, while opening the product and placing the batteries follow the instructions given carefully.
★ PERFECT FOR GIFT: It is a perfect way to give your child the company of a loyal companion, without the commitment or responsibility. It will help the educational imagination of children. Good for 0-4 Years Kids. This little stuffed toy features a cheerful facial expression. It helps to cultivate the love for pets in your kids.