foremost jhoomar cradle toy with soothing sound for kids,Non toxic Plastic baby toy- Multi color(Pack of 1)

Jhumar musical toy nursery merry go round is a musical toy for new born baby. It engages baby with its rounding moves and music. Attach this toy to your little ones cradle or on the window and fill the room with a soothing sound. It has little dangling at the end which makes it all the more adorable. It will surely be a toy your little one will adore.Baby will grow healthily and happily with it.
key operated, good looking, unbreakable musical toy for babies and kids
See your child enjoy the soothing music and various shapes of this merry go round.
This merry go round will keep your little one engaged. You can attach it to the window or on little one’s cradle.
It’s a wind up toy. Batteries not required. It’s a wind up toy.