Friendship Bracelet Kit for Girl Kids,DIY Bracelet Making Kit for 5-10 Year Old Kid Girls Birthday Gift for 5-12 Year Old Girl Children Charm Bracelets Bead Kit for Girls Birthday Present Age 7 8 9 10

♚The perfect DIY gift
DIY hand rope set, suitable as a gift for children over 5 years old who like DIY. Helps improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, patience and perseverance.
Girls can use round or square woven plates to make colorful and stylish hand ropes for their families and friends. It is the perfect gift for 6-12 year old girls for Christmas, Children’s Day, Halloween and birthday.

♚Children’s DIY bracelet set
The DIY bracelet set can use various colored cotton threads to make up to 6-8 bracelets of different styles. Children can make it for her friend, choose the color she thinks the friend will like and make it as a gift
for the friend, which is both fashionable and meaningful. Use it to make friendship bracelets, which can be used to enhance each other’s feelings, and can also be worn together. Interesting handmade art is very useful for girls
when they are partying, gathering or traveling, they will provide entertainment for your children and help them eliminate boredom.

❣Product name: DIY bracelet
❣Weight: 100g
❣Size: 22 * 12.5 * 3cm
❣Material: cotton thread

♚The packaging includes:
❣1 * round woven board
❣1 * Square woven board
❣1 * color beads
❣10 * Cotton thread (random colors)
❣1 * Instruction

♚Perfect Kit: This DIY hand rope set includes a round woven plate and square woven plate, a box of beads and colored cotton thread in 10 colors, which is very suitable for making stylish and unique hand ropes, which will be loved by 3-6 year old girls. The bracelet kit can DIY make colorful hand ropes, let the children make their own hands, not let others make it, easy to operate, stylish and meaningful.
♚Parent-child Interaction: Using this braided hand rope set can provide children with hours of creative and fun activities to stimulate children’s imagination and promote learning. This suit is also suitable for parents and children to complete this stylish and unique bracelet, which can help children 3 years old and above to improve their hands-on ability and fine motor skills, visual and cognitive skills-while having fun and expressing themselves!
♚Creativity: Weaving hand ropes not only allows children to make their own hands, but also allows them to cooperate with family, friends, and sisters to complete the production. The little girl knitting a hand rope can also give her good friends to enhance their feelings. Help children to enhance fine motor skills and hand agility, hand-eye coordination and visual perception. In the process of weaving, they can focus on this matter without being affected by others, and cultivate their patience a
♚The Best Gift: suitable for children 5 years old and above, as a birthday gift for girls 5-8 years old. The perfect gift for 5 6 7 8 9 year olds on Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Children’s Day. Children 6-12 years old can complete the production with their parents and friends and increase their feelings. It is an ideal choice for new year gifts and birthday gifts for girls aged 5-10 years.