Galaxy Hi-Tech® Dancing boy Cute Music Light Toy, Dancing Toy, Battery Operated Toy,Kids Baby Electric Toys with Light and Music (Multi Color)

Galaxy Hi-Tech Dancing Robot Boy with Music, 3D Flashing Lights, Dancing Naughty Boy for Kids, Battery Operated,360 Degree Rotation Light

Musical Dancing Boy with 3D Flashing Lights, Brilliant Flashing lightning effect.
It dances on the songs by lifting its legs and hands in the air and this is a very attractive robot for your little one.
Great festival gift: a great gift for kids’ birthday, children’s day, Christmas, new year, holiday celebrating. It is very helpful to grow up your infant’s mind. Develops visual-special skills and hand eye coordination.
The Dancing Boy is looking both funny and smart. Best Dancing Toy for kids
The height of the toy is about 8 inches. Kindly note batteries are not included in the box, Please insert 3 AA batteries

Dancing On Leg Moving Both Hand Up & Down
Robot is with features that will certainly keep toddlers and kids of preschool age entertained for hours.
The height of the toy is about 8 inches. Kindly insert 3 AA batteries and batteries are not included in the set .

Works on AA x 3 battery and safe
It is helpful to grow up your kids mind. This toy enhances communication skills, listening skills, social interaction and of course motor skills. This also grabs kids attention by attractive sound, kids like observing such toys and it also encourages physical activities such as dancing and clapping.

Musical and Light Dancing Robot
This is cute dancing robot toy for children of age 3+. Children can learn to dance along with the Dancing robot Toy and enjoy a lot. The sweet music and functional movements of toy improves the brain development of children, enhances learning and increases hand and eye coordination It has brilliant lightning effect.
This toy is battery operated. Robot has an easy turn On/Off Switch Behind the Head to Turn off and turn on the switch with speaker holes ( for reference see below image).

✅【EQUIPPED WITH LIGHTS】: This dancing Boy is battery operated, where both hands of boy light up and your Baby can learn to recognize different colors of the lights. Your kid is going to love this attractive dancing boy.
✅【COMES WITH MUSIC】: Your little one can listen to the sweet sounds made by a dancing boy. Children can spend hours making musical memories with this beautiful and high-quality toy
✅【HELPS IN SKILL DEVELOPMENT】: Cute Dancing boy encourages interaction, develops gross motor skills, coordinating abilities, logical thinking ability and hand-eye coordination.
✅【BUMP-AND-GO TECHNOLOGY】Enables the DANCING BOY to change its direction automatically after bumping into an object or obstacle. This makes the DANCING BOY remain in constant motion without the need of a remote control.