General Knowledge Combo of Class 4 and 5 Age 8-11 Years Old Kids Pack of 2 Books

This is a set of general knowledge books for class 4 and class 5. The series has been designed keeping children in the centre of learning so that they experience the joy of knowing the world that they live in. These books contain general knowledge of our country, latest news, sports, about the world, animal world, science, technology, our pride, about education, puzzles, games, information about music, etc. much more. The books are designed to serve as a great resource for any classroom or at home.

  • They contain simple general knowledge for students, which will update their knowledge like, Our Planet, The India, Our Planet – Earth, Our India, Our World – History and Geography, India’s Culture, Science & technology, Society, Sports and Games, etc. You can check it out the details in the content which is given in Image sample.
  • It helps to grow the knowledge of the world, general science, facts about science, etc. much more about around us. The following benefits can help the little master:

    • There are 4 Test Papers at the end of the each book. The test papers based on the units covered in the books for quick revision.
    • It includes the knowledge about every field like, about our country, about nature, Science and technology, Great People, Sports, Travel, Languages, Nature, The World Around Us, etc.
    • Provide structured activities like a text-book that empower students in developing problem-solving and self-thinking skills.
    • The series is intended for CBSE, ICSE and State Board schools. Aim to develop good learning habits in the students.