Genius Box Incredible Science Activity Kit for 4+ Year Age : DIY Kit, Educational Toy, Educational Kit, STEM Toy, Science Experiment, Learning Kit

5 Engaging Activities to inspire, educate and explore world of science for your children
S.T.E.M. values your child will learn through: Nature of Substances, Acidity and Basicity, Neutralization Reactions, Heat Transfer, Homogenous & Hetrogenous mixtures
DIY Learnings are: Creativity, Imagination, Critical thinking, Observation skills, Cognitive Development, Scientific Reasoning, Concentraion & Focus.
The 5 Science Experiments in the kit involves child-safe materials & DIY easiness. Let’s the young one enjoy exclusive activities, designed to mix & blend science in education with fun.
COLOUR CHANGING MAGIC – A magical colour changing science activity to learn about acid and base reactions using turmeric powder, paint bush and activity sheet.
BUBBLE MOUNTAIN – Bubble Mountain is a fun oral motor sensory activity. All you need is a cup of soap water, disposable glass, straw and a sock.