GeoKraft Educational 8 Inch Political Metal Base STEM Globe with Magnifying Glass for Kids (Multicolor)

A simple, yet informative and educational desktop world globe beautifully arranged in a spectrum of vivid colors. Expand your perspective and enhance your knowledge of our earth and its geography. It features up-to-date cartography, vibrant blue oceans and colorful landmasses with political boundaries.The globe is held by a semi meridian mounted on a Metal base. This globe is perfect for home, school, and office for learning or decor.
Expand your learning with this globe handcrafted with spectrum of vivid colors. It will arise curosity in the child’s mind to learn and will make learning a fun experience.
Perfect for any geography or history lesson. Looks great to be kept as Home Décor, in Living Room, Office, Study room, Cubicles,Gifting, Show Piece item.
Approved by Survey of India : All the information is accurate and correct.
This Decorative Collection is known for its designing, colors and premium look that lifts the value of your living room, office,etc.It is the best gift option for any festival,ceremony, house warming, birthday, anniversary,wedding, etc.