Giggles Bullock Cart

Funskool giggles bullock cart pull-along toy is creative and different from other pull-along toys. It is unique because of the traditional indian touch to a transport that was popular decades ago. It is a friendly toy which excites toddler and encourages them to walk and be active. Recommended for toddlers from age one year onwards. The wheels on the bull’s legs helps for a smooth movement when tugged along. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, but on a smooth surface only. Introduce the child to a common transport of yesteryears, which was pollution free and could move on uneven terrains. Helps in pretend play and imagination. From the manufacturer: Action: The sit and play, walk and play features of the pull-along toy encourages pretend play. The movement of bright yellow wheels and the bull on wheels excites the toddler to walk and pull the toy along. Adult supervision is recommended during child’s early walking stage. Sight and touch: The bright yellow and red on the toy is energetic, and free movement of wheels appeals to the toddler. Interactive: Colors and different elements of movement assists in the development stage of balance, hand-eye coordination, sight and observation skills.
A unique exciting pull-along toy with a traditional Indian touch for infants from 12 months onwards
This ideal land transport cart of yesteryears, comes with vibrant yellow wheels, red canopy, tugged by a strong white bull that gives this toy the perfect appeal
Kids get encouraged to tug this bullock cart along as they walk
Helps develop gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and stimulate senses
Wheels attached to the legs of the bull help the cart move smoothly when tugged along
The chassis of the cart can be easily affixed onto the bull by inserting the peg into the slot provided