GIKSO 100 Maths Puzzles Book – Brain Boosting Mathematical Activities for Age 7+ Years Old Kids | Game Book (English)

GIKSO 100 Maths Puzzles Bookfor the young challengers who are ready to take new challenges in the life and experience new lessons from it. With an ultimate collection of 100 mathematical puzzles, the book puts the fun back into playing with numbers, ranging from simple mathematical problems like missing digits, Kakuro puzzzles, word problems, types of sudoku, picture equation problems, mazes, etc.

  • The book contains 100 different types of puzzle/ sudoku/ games type of activities.
  • The book also has some that are of challenge level including shape-based search scenes adn a wide variety of Sudoku puzzles.
  • All the puzzles are designed to put your brainpower to test and enhance your mathematical skills.
  • If you get stuck while solving any puzzle, have a look at the answers at the end of the book.
  • The aim of the book is to engross the kid with fun and exciting activities and the same time imbibe good habits and values.
  • This book caters to kids from the age group between 8-16 years old.
  • The quality of paper (i.e. thick) and binding are good and well explained that will help to keep your champ busy with creative and interactive activity.
  • Provide structured activities like a text-book that empower students in developing problem-solving and self-thinking skills.

This book will help to grow the creativity of your child in an innovative way and to develop the power of imagination as well as the skill of thinking by using these mathematics applications.
The book is good for kids who are able to solve basic puzzles, sudoku, picture problem and many more regarding games. The minimum age for this book is 8 years old (Based on the IQ level of children, some of the children are very creative to learn in their early age), You can buy it as per your requirement for your child age group. Please check the sample pages of the book in picture caption.