GIKSO Activity Book – 3 for Kids Age 5-7 Years Old (English)

GIKSO Activity Book 3 presents for young learners including all the activities such as match the following, pattern, counting, colouring, word search and much more.

  • There are 50 activities for the little champs to engage with interactive activities.
  • This book will help to sharpen the brain of the little masters and enhance the knowledge of subjects and usage of subject as an application in our daily life.
  • The aim of the book is to engross the kid with fun and exciting activities and the same time imbibe good habits and values.
  • This book caters to kids from the age group between 5-7 years.
  • The activities cover topics such as puzzle, code colouring, word search, crossword, jumbled words, maze, odd even, fun drawing, sorting, mirror image, matching, picture puzzle, riddles, words links, word finder, hidden words, drawing in grid, sequencing, picture Sudoku, spot the differences, etc.
  • Thick paper, high quality printing and impeccable illustrations are perfect to motivate young learners to learn and have fun simultaneous.

The book is good for kids who are able to do basic reading capability, The minimum age for this book is 5 years old (Based on the IQ level of children, some of the children are very creative to learn in their early age), You can buy it as per your requirement for your child age group. Please check the sample pages of the book in picture caption.