Gikso Art and Craft 3 – Activity Book for Kids Age 6 to 9 Years Old Includes Colouring Activities (English) – Reprinted – 2020

Art and Craft 3 book includes different activities, which comes in the category of Colouring, 3D Colouring, Cotton Bud Printing, Corrugated Sheet Impressions, Pencil Shading, Colour Pencil Shading, Toothbrush Painting, Wax Resist Technique, Scratching Technique, Mosaic Painting, Dry Leaves Impression, Paper Craft, Glitters and Sequins Pasting, Ballon Craft, Tissue Paper Pasting, Cotton Balls Pasting, Sandpaper Painting, Aluminium Foil Balls Painting, Straw Pasting, Thumb Printing, Origami Activity, etc.

  1. The book contains 38 different types of activities.
  2. Most of the activities contains “know the fact” related to activity.
  3. Few of the activity contains Rhyme about the picture.
  4. The quality of paper (i.e. thick) and binding are good and well explained that will help to keep your child busy with a creative and interactive activity.
  5. The materials for these art and craft activity is most of them from Market (Pink paper, Glitters and Sequins, Ballon, Straw, etc.) some from home (Pencil, Pencil colour, Crayons, Water Colour, Cotton bud, Corrugated Sheet, Toothbrush, Tissue, Cotton balls, Aluminium Foil, sparkle, etc.) and few from nature (Dry Leaves, Fallen Leaves, Vegetable, etc.)
  6. Kids can do the activity in the book itself, that is already instructed.

This book will help to grow the creativity of your child in an innovative way and to develop the power of imagination as well as the skill of using the waste material in an attractive way.

The book is good for kids who are able to do basic colouring, The minimum age for this book is 6 years old (Based on the IQ level of children, some of the children are very creative to learn in their early age), You can buy it as per your requirement for your child age group.