GOPINATHJI Kids Walkie Talkie with 2 Player System Toy Interphone. with Extendable Antenna for Extra Range Upto 100 Meters, (Colour Yellow)

Walkie Talkie is a toy kids can share with their playmates and enjoy together. Teaching lessons in sharing and the dynamics of physics has become a lot more fun with this quality product. Eager conversations and role-playing activities are bound to follow. Walkie talkie works on the simple physics principle, where we are converting audio signals into radio signals via an antenna. Later another walkie talkie will decode signals of radio into audio signals, then the voice is heard. If your child is imaginative and adventurous, this walkie talkie will allow them to explore more of their inventiveness and animate their playtime with much excitement. walkie talkie walkie talkie for kids walkie talkie long range walkie talkie long range for kids walkie talkie long range 10km walkie talkie toy walkie talkie toys for kids walkie talkie for girls walkie talkie for kids girls walkie talkie for boys

Good range within the house (100 Meter range)
Unscrew two walkie talkies and insert 3 AA batteries in each. We are ready to use them. There are two buttons on each walkie talkie. When you are speaking, always press left side button (which activates the transmitter). Operate right side button to either switch on or switch off the unit
Material: Plastic; Color: Yellow Size: 33.4 x 24.2 x 4.8 cm
Good play time for kids