Grey Elephant Baby Sleeping Pillow Soft Puppet Toy Very Cute & Sleepy in Size of 45 cm Long.

MPR Enterprises completly amazing Pillow for your Baby .This soft toy fits perfectly in bedroom/living room catches eye, will give them endless hours of fun-filled playtime is stuffed toy is a good companion and adds endless hours of fun to your kid’s playtime. Soft and cuddly filling. Perfectly fits in your car and makes your little ones to enjoy during travel as well. instil a love for wildlife and introduce your children to the world of animals with this furry little plush toy). This toy will encourage the child to interact and is a perfect partner for imaginative play made by Nihan Enterprises.what to gift your cute babies on their birthday, here are cutest toys ever from Green Gold for your kids which are cute, fluffy, cuddly and huggable. Surprise your kids with this lovely soft toy. A best gifting option as a return gift.
If you want to give a surprise, this gift is your best choice!
Very attractive to make you have a good feeling all the time
Made out of Non-toxic polyester and fabrics of good quality