GURU KRIPA BABY PRODUCTS Rattle Toys Baby Toy Boy Newborn Set Items Children Playing High Wooden Rattles Type Single Key for 0-12 Months Pink Pcs 1

GURU KRIPA BABY PRODUCTS colourful Gungru Jhunjhuna with Loving Sound made with wood and use nontoxic sharp corners your little baby will surely find the rattling toy amusing. Rattling toys will improve your child’s visual skills and lay the foundation for a strong concentration level in the future. Rattle Set Toy for Kids – This attractive shaped rattle Toy for Kids offers children with a soothing rattling sound. Rattles develops child’s curiosity and urge to know more while they use it
Colorful wooden rattle for infants and little ones.Very enjoyable and safe to baby.No Sharp Edges & Design/ Ideal for Gifting Purposes/ For newborns, babies
Made of safe and environmentally friendly materials.Easy to pick up on small hands.Strengthen the baby’s sensory and motor capacities.
Handmade, using vegetable colors, manufactured in India, safe & non-toxi.Improve the hands and feet of motor neurones.This rattle has an attractive design and will easily captivate the little child
These rattles are just the right size for your baby’s little hands to grab, hold and shake. Numerous sounds and colors will expand your baby’s sensory experience. Colourful patterns help develop your baby’s eye tracking skills. The variety in grips, shapes and tasks will assist in finger and hand-eye coordination skills