GW Creations Marble Finish Little Buddha Monk Showing Different Position Idol for Home Decoration and Gifts (35 * 10 * 18cm) Orange & Pink & Yellowbuddha showpiece buddha showpiece big buddha showpiece amazon buddha showpiece with water buddha showpiece big size buddha showpiece online baby buddha showpiece.

GW Creations
This Beautiful Home Decor Marble Finish Colourful Little Buddha idol’s Decorated by Mirrors and Fancy Stones is handcrafted. Made out of Pure Quality of POLY RESIN and marble finishing, Product Dimensions (18 x 10) Colour: Orange & Pink & Yellow.
Decorate your Place with these enchanting and spiritual idols, Excellent craftsmanship, Makes a wonderful gifting option.
Care: Very easy to maintain, can be easily cleaned using a cotton cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals and acids for cleaning. Regular dusting should be sufficient can be used to clean these idols but not on a regular basis. Probably once in 2 or 3 years should be sufficient.
GW creations our products are majorly manufactured and handcrafted by Indian artist and we largely support MAKE IN INDIA initiative. GW Creation is a manufacturer of home decor products that are famous for their unique designing and good quality of work. Our artistic mission is to spreading Indian art to each home of India and also in international.